I’m back!

What’s up!

I got tired of blogging on Wix, which is hard to use, and made the change over to a little WordPress/Weebly melange for the revamped, relaunched paulgreenamyer.com.  Behold!

I’m going to try to be more diligent about posting with this new platform.  Some of the things I can see myself blogging about will include:

  • Old posts from the Wix blog.  Recycle!
  • Reviews of old or upcoming pop culture – because my opinion matters, yo.
  • Travel reports and anecdotes.
  • Stuff that is too big for a Facebook post.
  • Excerpts from my journal (the ones fit for public consumption).
  • Exceprts from my stories, books, and screenplays.
  • Random thoughts.

Try not to explode from the antici …


by Viola LoveDead


What kinds of things should I share on this blog?  Also, anyone else think that Wix is the best-marketed, hardest-to-use DIY web builder out there?

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