New “IT” Trailer!!!!!


Where to start?  I posted about a week ago some thoughts on the earlier trailers.  Here’s what this new, incredible trailer brings to the table …

  • I mentioned in the earlier blog that we still haven’t heard Mike’s voice.  Well, we hear it this trailer.  But the most notable new voice added to the mix is that of Pennywise Itself.  “Here …. take it!”  Oooooh …
  • We get Stan’s Bar Mitzvah speech again, and the underwear cliff-diving and swimming.  Neither from the book … but I’ll just never get tired of Jaeden Lieberherer and Sophia Lillis as Bill and Bev tentatively eyeing each other.
  • We see the Losers joining hands in a circle; Richie and Mike seem to be cradling wounded hands, meaning the blood oath may be happening!  It looks for a moment like Stan is absent, but he is just blocked … er, by Ben.
  • During the blood oath scene, Eddie’s cast has “Loser” changed to “Lover.”  Oh la la!  (Or, creepy “Love and Desire” reference?  Noooo … can’t be, even in a Rated-R movie, and anyway that scene was a bad idea …)
  • Also, Eddie has a cast!  His fateful encounter with Henry Bowers must be back in the mix.
  • Patrick Hockstetter seems to be part of Henry’s gang from the get-go, and he has some prominent moments here.  My gut tells me, too, that he will meet his death in very a different way than from the book.  Which is probably for the best, as that book scene would be all but unwatchable, and the vomit cleanup after every screening would be prohibitive.
  • There’s a lot of Pennywise.  This movie is following in the footsteps of the miniseries in one crucial way – enhancing the role of the book’s most arresting image of the antagonist.  Outside of the first chapter, in the book we don’t see or hear much of Pennywise the Dancing Clown, although bits and pieces of that persona hover around the margins of many of It’s manifestations (balloons, clown pom poms, etc.)  The miniseries producers knew that they had to feature Tim Curry prominently, though, and the New Line producers seem to know that the more Bill Skarsgaard they can wave in our faces, the better.  This includes Bev’s encounter with Pennywise in the bathroom; Stan glimpsing and later physically fighting with Pennywise in the sewers; Bill seeing Pennywise in the flooded basement; Pennywise seeming to sit on his own head crammed in a chiffarobe; and the final scare of the trailer where Richie is attacked by Pennywise in what looks like a Museum of Clowns.  *shiver*
  • Ben’s research of Derry’s sordid past includes references to the Kitchener Ironworks explosion and the shooting of the Bradley gang.  Whereas most of the dialogue has been changed, the specifics and the mythology seem to have been reverently preserved.
  • One of the reasons the miniseries felt so toothless is network TV’s reluctance to show kids in peril; hence the casting of older actors and Pennywise being relatively hands-off.  One of the strong points of this movie, if the trailers are any indication, is that the kids seem to be in extreme mortal danger from a very hands-on Pennywise.  This is also partially an acting triumph on the part of the kids, who really sell the terror.  Jack Dylan Grazer is particularly strong in this respect.  These kids are caught in a life-and-death psychological war in which they are grossly outmatched.
  • The bonkers montage building up to the end of the trailer includes revisits of Eddie running from the Leper, the blood geyser from the sink, and Mike fending off burnt Black Spot victims; a hand reaching up from the floor in the House on Niebolt Street to grab Richie; Ben getting strangled by … something; and Bev … levitating???  To paraphrase, this movie is not fucking around.

I may have to delay seeing this movie in the theater for a torturous week, as I will be out of the country.  Perhaps I can find a foreign screening, but I don’t know if it comes out at the same time overseas, and anyway I have some friends promising to wait for me to come back before we see it the first time.

But for those already lining up at their local cinemas … well … you’ll float too.


What are you most excited about for the new “IT” movie?


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