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More stuff from the “It” trailers!!!  My earlier two posts on the upcoming film are here and here.

  • In the July 27 trailer, when Bill is giving one of his St. Crispin’s Day speeches, only there do we hear a ghost of a stutter.  I’m beginning to wonder, though, if we’re going to have a non-stuttering Bill.  Most of the dialogue has happened when he was alone with the Losers, the times when he stuttered the least, but he didn’t even stutter as he whispered “Georgie” upon confronting the ghost in the basement.  He usually stutters more when he is alone, fearful, and facing his guilt over Georgie’s death.  I wonder if the stutter was just too hard to act and have it be believable or watchable (Jonathan Brandis and Richard Thomas certainly didn’t knock it out of the park in 1990).  Maybe they’ll change it to Bill being tongue-tied or something.
  • No footage of a slingshot, which is probably anachronistic … but Mike is shown packing some sort of pistol.  BB air pistol?  Or maybe Bill’s father’s pistol?
  • Paul Bunyan statue behind Mike in the 7/27 trailer!
  • There seems to be a well under the basement of the House on Niebolt Street, which may mean that some of the Niebolt encounters and the final trek into It’s lair will be combined.
  • Henry seems to find his switchblade under similar circumstances as he does in the book, which bodes well for his descent into madness.  In the miniseries, his madness was stupid/underplayed, and his switchblade was antiquated and unthreatening.  I wonder if he’ll use it in the film under the same circumstances he uses it in the book …
  • Beverly looks like she has a cut beneath her eye, meaning even 30 years later the Al Marshes of the world are still beating the shit out of the daughters they find sexually threatening.
  • Mike references his grandfather as the storyteller in his life, whereas it was his father in the book.  This is probably so that, with the movie shifted forward in time a generation, Mike’s primary source of creepy Derry history was present at the Black Spot fire, which would have had to happen in the 20s or 30s to be at the intersection of military segregation and lynching culture that brought about the horrific arson attack.  Mike being a kid in the 80s, his father would probably not have even been born yet.
  • I’ve noted that although the character dynamics seem to be preserved, almost none of the book’s dialogue is evident in the trailer footage.  The one almost-exception is in the MTV teaser scene of the boys tentatively entering a large-bore sewer outflow pipe, presumably looking for clues about It.  The only kids in this scene are Bill, Eddie, Stan, and Richie, the initial core friend group that the Losers Club grows around; it stands to reason, then, that this scene is early in the movie, possibly before Ben, Beverly, and Mike are fully integrated into the group.  When Richie and Eddie spar at the edge of the sewer, germaphobe Eddie gripes that Bill and Richie are wading around in “gray water.”  This calls back to the chapter in the book about “The Dam in the Barrens,” but in the book it is Police Officer Nell who explains gray water to the boys.  What this makes me think is that the “Dam in the Barrens” storyline has been completely eliminated; and that perhaps the Underwear Swimming-Hole Party takes its place as the bonding event that cements the Loser’s Club.  Mike, the last addition to the club, is absent from that scene, so the chronology makes sense.  (Beverly is there a little early, like she was in the miniseries, but what the heck – you can’t have an all-male underwear party, right?)  The most obvious thing lost in eliminating the dam storyline is the way it secures Ben’s place in the fold due to his engineering and leadership skills.  Instead of being given a chance to shine, would Ben really find his place in the club that early by taking his clothes off in front of the girl of his dreams?  The boy has severe body-image issues.


First Trailer


MTV Teaser

Second Trailer


What is your favorite character moment from the three trailers?  What moment scares you the most?

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