ADDJ – PLEASE help me make this a thing

It you haven’t gone to a lot of dance clubs lately, you’re fortunate.  DJs are the new rock stars, and I hope the rock stars were never this douchey, but Spinal Tap tells us otherwise.  I guess we get what we deserve …

I dislike most Top 40 music.  I don’t really like Kanye West or Taylor Swift or Nikki Minaj or any of the other crap I’m supposed to like to dance to.  I really do envy the people who do like it, because they seem to have a good time.  I even envy people who can dance to it just because it all has a good beat.  Me, I can’t let go of how bad most of the songs are.  And I have a real pet peeve for music I don’t like, played too loud for me to talk over it.

Meanwhile, in the wake of Skrillex and the mounting popularity of Electronic Dance Music (EDM), the celebrity DJ-as-musician is a thing now.  Skrillex even got included on a Revolver magazine of the current “Greatest Guitarists,” because of the way he sampled Dimebag Darrell in one of his compositions.  My Facebook feed went apeshit.  To my knowledge, Skrillex doesn’t play guitar – he just programs sounds into a pastiche and hits play.

It’s given rise to the most ridiculous of all festival sites – a huge crowd dancing and cheering to a weirdly-dressed guy on a stage … hitting play on an iPod.  That’s what he’s freaking doing.  The work was done earlier when the composition was made, and I’m open to the case that EDM is an artform, but as a live music event, for the composer to be venerated in person as he/she hits “play” … Nope.  Nope, nope, nope.  And while you’re at it, you kids get off my lawn.

If you’re not at an EDM dance party, though, it’s going to be Top 40s pop, mostly hip-hop and electro-pop, but the DJ is still piking for prominence, in a very weird and specific way.

What happens is, the DJ will play a verse and a chorus of a song, then change to a different song.

I assume the point is to highlight the DJ’s skill at blending songs together.

The good news is that if I really don’t like the song, it’s over quickly.

The bad news is, on the rare occasion that they do play a song I like, it’s over too quickly.

I assume this kind of DJ work is suited for a generation high on coke and Adderall, with no attention span, who can be like “I know this song!  Wooooooo!  (dance dance dance)  Okay, I’m over it!  Play something else!”

That’s why I call them “ADDJs.”  Get it?  See what I did there?  Please help me make this a thing.  And don’t be offended if I’m at one of those dance parties with you and I leave.


Will you help me make “ADDJ” a thing?


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