Midnight Sun in Stockholm

In July, it never gets fully dark in Stockholm. Geographically far enough to the north, it is still fully bright at 10pm and never surpasses dusk.

In the winter the days are depressingly dark. Sweden has a bad suicide problem.

Before Stockholm I had never been to a latitude extreme enough to see light on the horizon during the witching hour. Nothing prepares you for it. The glow is otherworldly. Your body clock tells you that the sun should be gone … but it isn’t entirely gone.

The pinks and blues to the north remind you that the sun is never really gone. Even if you can’t see it, it is always out there. Early inhabitants of northern and southern latitudes must have known instinctively that the Earth is round.

You can look at Copernican diagrams until your eyes bleed; nothing makes the shape of the Earth or the structure of the Solar System seem more real than your first glimpse of dusk at 3am.


What did you think of Stockholm, Sweden?

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