Kids and Horror Stories: Hook ’em Early

Someone replied to my post about the 4 Horror Movies that Truly Scared Me that he took his son to see Event Horizon when the son was eight.  Interesting parenting choice ... My family went to see Jurrasic Park in theaters, and I didn't make it through the scene where Genarro is eaten by the T. Rex.


The 4 Horror Movies that Truly Scared Me

I really enjoy a good horror movie (as you might have guessed from my repeated posts about the upcoming "IT" movie), and for the most part I don't get nightmares from them. I hide my eyes from suspense-building scenes and I am susceptible to jump scares, but I don't hesitate to walk around corners for a …

Poor Stan: How Excited am I about Andres Muschietti’s “IT” Movie?

My friend Lindsay had the misfortune of asking me a fairly apocryphal question about Stephen King's "IT," and she got a full-on geek answer.  "Interesting question.  Let me talk your ear off about it for the next thirty minutes ..." Like many people, she had seen the miniseries with Tim Curry but had not read …